Smartphone Data Recovery Services

We have recently updated the specialized equipment required to recover data from Smartphones in order to have the best chance possible in helping you.

When recovering data from phones with software related issues, our process does physically damage your device. When the recovery is complete, we return the device in working condition.


If you have a mechanical failure, we typically extract the memory chip, the data is then read directly from chip using industry standard equipment.

IP high speed programmer

Our recovery process can help with various data loss situations, for example, damaged phones, accidentally deletion, formatting, restoring factory settings, OS error, rooting.

  • Recover deleted files from Smartphones and tablets.
  • Recovery service for all popular Android OS and Android devices, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google etc.
  • Support all data loss situations, such as, deleted files, formatting, restoring factory settings, OS error, rooting and others.