5 Quick Steps to Recover Your Data

Professional Canadian Data Recovery Service Starts Here

data recovery 5 steps

Data Recovery Process Step 1

Step 1: Contact 24/7 365

Losing data and experiencing a hard drive failure can be a costly, stressful ordeal.
The ability to make the right decision and get back on track quickly is critical and only adds to that stress.
- From general questions on how we can help, to more specific information on our services and recovery process, pricing and time lines - call and speak to a data recovery specialist anytime or email our 24hr client support department.
- For more information on who we are and data recovery in general please feel free to browse the different resources within our web site.

Step 2: CONSULT: One-On-One Data Recovery Advice

If you've lost data and need help NOW, call in anytime for one-on-one no-charge advice on how we can help.
- You talk, we'll listen.
Once we know more about your device and how it failed our recovery technicians will be able to provide you with a competitive cost and timeline estimate tailored to your job.
Whether you've suffered a software failure or a more severe mechanical failure we'll make sure you're comfortable with exactly what our data recoveryprocess involves and provide you a written emailed copy of all pricing and timeline estimates discussed with you during our meet.

Data Recovery Process Step 2

Data Recovery Process Step 3

Step 3: EVALUATION: Inspection and Diagnostic

You've met with a Data Recovery technician and you're ready to continue with a hands-on evaluation.
Starting your recovery is a painless process which simply involves completing our "Quick-Start" online job form and finally packaging the device needing recovery service. *This can also be done by phone if you prefer.
Evaluation period generally takes from between 24 to 72 hours depending on the severity of damage and will allow our lab to properly assess the level of failure and from there, recommend a course for recovery.
-Once full evaluation has been completed you'll receive detail of our findings as well as a file-listing or "snapshot" of all recovered data. This is presented to you in writing along with a job quotation to be reviewed one-on-one with a professional Data Recovery technician.

Step 4: Data Retrieval and Restoration

Evaluation is completed and you've reviewed our findings - Recovery of your data is only a matter of time.
TimeLine on final recovery will have been provided during the evaluation process so at this point our data retrieval and restoration is completed and your final recovered data-set returned to you on a replacement hard drive.
During the time we have your device in for recovery you'll be able to contact your Data Recovery technician anytime by phone, email Or by logging in directly to your job ticket and checking status.

Data Recovery Process Step 5

Step 5: THE FINALE - Job Completion & Data Returned

Getting your data back to you is our primary concern from job start - to Job completion.
We offer a few different ways to return your data which are all detailed during the evaluation period of your recovery.
- Average turnaround time to complete recovery ranges between 3 to 5 days – with more severe failures taking between 5 to 10 days.  *Priority/Emergency job status is available if required-Please ask.
Options for returning data include; Hard Drive, DVD, Direct Download, or Data Back-Up (*see below) - Time sensitive or Priority data that needs to be put back into circulation ASAP can be located and recovered first. We'll also make any mission critical data available to you immediately via direct download helping to minimize downtime.

Once your data has been safely returned, we'll keep your Job open for another 8 days in order to address any "post-recovery" service/support questions you might have. During that time we'll also keep a backup copy of your recovered data-set in safe-storage so that we're able to act quickly if something should happen and you require access to that data for any reason.

…Its nothing personal but we'd rather not see you again!

All of us here at Core Data Recovery believe that once you've been though the recovery process it's up to us to help you prevent against a repeat failure. The best way to plan for any potential future data loss or drive failure is to proactively guard against it by backing up your data


As a follow-up to our data recovery service, Core Data Recovery has created an online cloud data back-up program specifically for its data recovery clients. We offer a discounted service available to our Data Recovery Clients and is offered in affordable monthly and yearly plans.

*If you've already gone though, or are currently going through a recovery with us and have a Job Ticket number, you're eligible to have your recovered data moved directly from our recovery lab onto our secure backup servers and into our cloud data back-up program. - For those not going through the data recovery process and who do not have a job ticket please call for more information.