Server Backup Service

Data protection for on-premise servers

eazyBackup makes backups of file servers (e.g. Linux, MS Windows SBS or MS Windows Server) as well as hot backups of MS Exchange Servers, MS SQL Servers, MySQL databases and NAS Servers. This makes it a complete solution for the backup of SMB offices.

Cloud Backup for Secure Servers

Secure file servers

The eazyBackup client is able to efficiently backup data from file servers. The software supports a whole variety of server operating systems including MS Windows Small Business Server, MS Windows Server, Linux distributions and Mac OS X Server.

MS Exchange Server Backup

eazyBackup is capable of backing up Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010. eazyBackup can backup the Exchange database without interrupting business operations; even during the backup window (hot backup).

MS SQL Server backup

Securing Microsoft SQL Servers is easy with eazyBackup. The software supports backups of MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012. eazyBackup can backup the SQL database without interrupting business operations; even during the backup window (hot backup).

MySQL Database backup

eazyBackup enables the backup of MySQL databases on table level while they are actively in use. As a result data recovery can be performed fast and focused. eazyBackup can backup the MySQL database without interrupting business operations, even during the backup window (hot backup).

NAS Servers

To have all their business data at hand, most small offices use network attached storage (NAS) systems. This is a convenient solution for the availability of the data in the company, but not really safe. eazyBackup Client makes backups of these NAS servers and makes sure that this data is protected against any kind of loss.

Hot backup

File, database or email servers are continuously operational. Therefore eazyBackup can back up these servers without interrupting business operations; even during the backup window.

Using native APIs

For the backup of MS Exchange Server and MS SQL Server, the eazyBackup Client software makes use of the native API’s of the platforms. This makes the backup more reliable than the 'open file' type of backup.

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