Cloud Backup Security

Cloud backup is a matter of trust and confidence

CDR's online backup service eazybackup uses excellent security-techniques which meet or exceed industry standards.

Secure Cloud Backup

Secure SSL connection

Communication between the Client Software and the Backup Server takes place through a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel. This ensures the same security level as Internet Banking. Although all the backup data is transferred through the ease of a public network (internet), nobody can obtain any knowledge of the information being exchanged.

SOAP and Message Signing

Communication with the Backup Server is conducted through a secured SOAP/XML interface. Each request is signed by a unique signature per user. This offers an extra layer of security on top of SSL, which not only protects the transfer of the data, but also secures the total integrity between client and server processes.

Secure encryption

All Backup data is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128 or 256 bit encryption technology. Once encrypted, the backup data is transferred to the Backup Server. The encryption key is known by the end-user alone. This means only the end-user can open or access the backup data on the Backup Server.

Best encryption technology

The encryption algorithm used to encrypt backup data is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 or 256 bit.
This standard, also known as Rijndael, is a block cipher that has been adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be the selected encryption standard. It is the used encryption standard of the US government and related security agencies since 2000. It is subjected to frequent public reviews but no known cracks of this encryption algorithm have been reported.

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