Availability & Performance

We eleminate all single points of failure

EazyBackup's architecture is designed to keep the backup system in operation at all times. We believe that a cloud backup provider cannot be in business with a platform that runs the risk of outages.

Cloud Backup Automatic failover

Load balanced (or clustered) environment

The eazyBackup service runs in a load balanced (or clustered) environment. The server side of our platform runs on multiple front-end servers which share the load. We offer high availability cloud backup services to our customers and partners. This availability can reach 99.99% due to the fact that we eliminate all single points of failure.

Automatic failover

Eliminating all points of failure requires eazyBackup’s servers to automatically failover in case a node collapses. All key elements of our service are configured in a way that it can failover to a secondary location, including session management and database connectivity. Moreover eazyBackup can switch back to primary locations as soon as they come available again.

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